2020 Model 3 SR Plus


2020 Model 3 SR Plus

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⚠️ 注意:列出的所有描述/參數和配置僅供參考。如任何特定型號或配置會影響你的購買決定,請參觀實際車輛以獲得最準確的規格。

⚠️ Caution: All descriptions and options listed are for reference only and are subjected to change. If the presence of any specific option or equipment is crucial on your decision making, please refer to the actual vehicle for most accurate specifications.

製造年份 Manufacture Year: 2020

首次登記日期 First Registration Date: 2020

前任車主數目 No. of Previous Owner(s): 0

行車里數 Milage: 20,000 km 

引擎容量 Displacement: N.A.

滿電續航 Range:  409km

最大馬力 Maximum Horsepower: 268 hp

座位 (連司機位) Seats (Driver Included): 5

其他配置 Extended Features:

行貨 / 美國制 / 天幕頂 / 電尾冚 / 原廠保養記錄 / 原廠泊車鏡頭 / 無需等候 即買即用